Which came first, Fate or God?

if life is predestined via fate then God has no care to look upon us because he already knows. At the same time there is no point in sending his son etc as we are fated to believe or not.

If fate doesn't exist and God does answer to our prayers that means that our prayers might affect others and in theory could deviate them from the path they had chosen.
For example, I ask for money and God gives me money but as money are finite the money is taken from someone else and he might wanted to buy a house, does this then become fate?

if God does not intervene then it makes hoping quite pointless.

Karma is an interesting concept as it assumes that there fate is the consequences of your past life’s actions but your current actions have a weight to your future (including future lives) making it in a way deterministic. If karma exists hoping does not make sense either. The whole basis is that what you did in the past and what you do now affects your immediate future and hoping cannot change that.

Hope and praying needs to behave similarly to the 3 rules of Jinn, it cannot kill someone, revive the dead and make someone love you. Why is that? Because these affect drastically the life of the other person in a way that can interfere with the moving force of life.
We can hope for rain but not hail, we can hope for our happiness but not happiness that is connected directly with someone else.
We can hope our business to go well but not to magically receive money.

The issue however with hoping and praying is that we all do it from children to grandparents, religious agnostics atheists and cynics at some point in time we all pray at one point in our lives. This can be seen as a thing that we inherit from society and parents but my assumption is that it is an innate feeling. The first of humans created the notion of God and at the same time the notion of Hope and it has stuck with us for a long time.

Schrödinger's envelope. At what point can fate change?

For example, in the US Universities send admission envelopes, usually the large envelope means that you have been accepted and small means no.

Till what point can this change? Can somehow someone/something intervene and change the fate or reality after it has been shipped into a small envelope but still be accepted? Are anomalies like that calculated?

Schrodinger’s cat was nor alive nor dead until the point that we look inside, as the box could not change to give us any indication, however in our example the medium infers the content, but can we be sure?

Similarly we can infer if the cat is dead by adding external forces to the box, for example if we shake the box and we don’t hear a cat then we can assume it is dead. Or is it?

Chris Zioutas