About this site

This blog has had many re-launches. The last one being in 2021 as a community for people interested in tech, coding and maybe sometimes totally random content.

This blog is operated by me, Chris Zioutas.

I am a Tech Lead for Oetker Digital. My day job keeps me busy with realizing new Ventures around the food & beverage industry. My day consists of being a software developer, an architect, an interviewer, a manager, all around debugger and anything in-between.

I love what I do and I am privileged to be doing that for the past 12 years.

The first series of blog posts will be focused around Becoming a better developer. So if you believe this is content that you would be interested in, please do sign up to get notified 😁

Have an awesome day!

You can contact me on Twitter or Linkedin 🙂

P.S All opinions, ideas, thoughts expressed have no affiliation with my current or any previous employer and are solely mine.