Why Tech Recruiting Sucks or Why do I keep answering what is a SQL Inner Join

  1. It is a fascinating year, with a lot of progress in multiple sectors, AI, electric cars, Smarter cities and almost having a plant on the Moon.
    However, bluetooth connectivity and tech recruitment have yet to be improved and I am really sad about it.

Recently I have been once again exposed to the market as an available resource for companies to make use of. I have attended approximately 20 interviews and I am slowly getting irritated.

I would like to list the different things that silently but steadily make a company less attractive during the interview process.

Job Description

Job Descriptions are a clickbait. They are literally there with a shotgun approach trying to attract as many fish as possible, because HR believes that quantity beats quality or because IT was too lazy to actually explain what they are looking for.

This leads to wasted time for both parties.

The job description should be complete with plenty of details, this way the potential candidate can self-evaluate themselves in terms of skill fit.

Nowadays job descriptions are the same template across different companies. For example they list as a requirement knowledge with OO languages and this is okay as long as you accept someone not knowing the OO language you use, but if you ask for Java and a C# candiate comes in and get rejected, sorry but you wasted my time and effort to contact you, just because you are lazy.

Domain experience

This is such an interesting topic. Domain experience is not even understood in many companies however many listings mention that knowledge in industry X & Y is a plus.

If you have such experience then it is great for the first pass or for the CV screening, in my opinion is it kind of like a warm intro. Mentioning that you have 4 years of experience in Industry X is a very good start.

The problem is that this is handled by HR and not by the techie. The HR might have some understanding that due to similar previous working experience the candidate will have an easier time adapting and catching up.

The tech guy does not understand this. I have followed up with 2-3 companies that I have domain experience and after the screenings it never came up again. It is like noone cared any more that I know the process of your product, it was all about how to use the CLI to set up a new project.

Level of interview not on par with seniority

This is were the title sources from. I have intervied for junior positions back in the day and there it is totally acceptable to drill the candidate about their skills. Do they actually have some knowledge or they left with a degree and know only to print "Hello World"?

However when it comes to interviewing a professional with 7 years of web development experience asking them "What is a SQL Join" is an insult. I personally have high expectations of Senior developers yet they are not taken seriously during interviews.

Senior developers are not always hired to be seniors, but just more knowledable and I believe there a big distinction. I could go on writting about the bad situation and limbo state that most senior developer positions are in but I will leave that for another time.

To give some credit to the hiring company, there are a lot of bad seeds that somehow manage to survive in this sector without having actual skills but do not put everyone in the same position just because of some bad apples.

Every person during the interview is being coy

Being coy is such a wide spread tactics in any sector in which you have a plethora of options but are looking for the best. Such as Venture Capital firms to even dating.

People tend to not show if they liked you or not and mention they will follow up with a decision. Unless the process is being handeled in a voting manner between the different interviewers this is really not needed.

No idea why you did not get an offer

This is a follow-up to the previous topic. The template for not continuing with the interview process or not getting an offer after the final interview is a copy-paste used company wide with only difference the name.