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Why Moovoo? Why not Netflix or Mubi?

We live in the age where content is everywhere and available to us anytime. You can choose from Netflix, AmazonPrime, Hulu, Mubi and so many more services to give you content. The problem however is that the choice is too large and you are always boxed in within one service unless you pay for all… So how does Moovoo differ? Let me tell you a story…

A while ago, I was working on a digital Tamagotchi and while a few beers I was talking to a friend of mine about it. I explained that the old tamagotchi was too simple, and the new one would have customizable features, items, different colors and everything you ever imagined!

The response that I got was different that normal. She told me, but why does everything needs to be customized? Can’t we have a few things random and standard?

That’s when it hit me 🤯
We are drowning in customization, tailored to our needs and we have given up our privacy and money so that we can see only what we like.

This concept then created a cascade of realizations. One of the sectors is what we watch, movies, films, tv-series. We are in a loop of being exposed to what we like that we never look outside of it.

This might not be necessarily bad, however in this waterfall of content and services that we have, I still struggle to find something to watch!

Moovoo 🎞️

That is where Moovoo comes into place. It is an online free TV.

The viewer has two options, either stick to the time-schedule, like a normal old-school TV or watch something from the available content for the day and that it is!

I use Moovoo almost daily, I came today home after gym and I usually eat and put something to watch. Today I did not have to search or choose, I just went to Moovoo clicked watch now and saw God’s Gun. Was it a good movie? Not exactly, but I enjoyed it I had not seen an old school western for a long time.

Currently, Moovoo might not be sure appealing. We have a list of 1k movies that have a Public license but as you might guess this is not the best content.

That is why we want to include low-budget film, indie film makers and short films. Improve our content by providing something except blockbusters and always free for the watcher!

If you want your film to be featured on Moovoo feel free to drop us an email.

Future Plans 🔮

👉Add more Indie content.
👉Create a schedule with different interests.
We would love to hear from independent movie makers, directors who want to share their content and in general people who want to be involved in the cause of a curated instant TV without Ads or payments for the viewers!

contact on chris@moovoo.space